Auricular Health Theme

Based on the international standard auricular point zoning method for division

Constitution types, stress relief and sleep improvement, soreness and pain care, women's health, beauty and skincare, body posture adjustment, care for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, seasonal health, nutritional reflex points, gemstone ear stickers (additional charge).

What Is Ear Acupuncture?

What is ear seeding?

Ear Acupoint Patching Technique

By observing changes in the morphology of the auricle through visual and tactile examination, as well as palpation and probing methods, the auricle is disinfected, and acupoints are selected using a probe. Each ear acupoint patching session involves pressing selected points based on the individual's main complaints and constitution type.

The materials used for ear acupoint patches are all hypoallergenic. There are various options available, including basic transparent or flesh-colored patches, as well as gemstone ear stickers (Swarovski gemstones). Additionally, there are Patented hypoallergenic earrings and ear cuffs, both of which are embedded with far-infrared ceramic beads on the inner side, combining fashion with health benefits for ear acupoint care.

The shape of the auricle resembles an inverted fetus

The World Health Organization(WHO) established international standard acupoints

Formal Recognition of Auricular Acupuncture: In 1957, French physician Dr. Paul Nogier published 'Embryonic Reflex Auricular Points' in a German medical journal, pioneering clinical scientific research in the Western world on 'Auricular Medicine.' In 1987, during the Western Pacific Regional Meeting, the World Health Organization adopted international standard acupoint locations, officially establishing 'Auricular Acupuncture' as an effective method for treating various diseases.

The ear is the best switch to activate the body's self-healing power! It's a treasure trove of the body's meridians. There are 201 acupuncture points on the ear. According to traditional Chinese meridian theory, the ear map reflects the entire body. When there are issues in the body, the ear can perceive them, and diseases can also be identified based on the appearance of the ear.

Ear acupressure patches utilize the "meridian theory," stimulating corresponding ear acupoints by applying ear seeds on the ear's surface. This promotes meridian circulation, adjusts constitution, regulates physiological functions, relaxes muscles and bones, and achieves the purpose of addressing bodily discomfort and maintaining health.

Material of auricular stickers

Far infrared quantum energy ear acupoint health patches (flesh-colored/transparent) stand out from the rest, offering you exceptional quality.