Body conditioning and health maintenance

Is your body experiencing suboptimal health?

Working overtime and staying up late, breaking out with acne and feeling heaty, experiencing virtual obesity and edema, feeling irritable, dealing with constipation, having sore and swollen muscles, and feeling dizzy in the head.

Feeling physically uncomfortable but unable to find any issues through health checkups? Beware, you might have entered a state of "suboptimal health," where your body is starting to send warnings.

What is suboptimal health?
It refers to a state where the body is in between health and disease, with modern medical examinations unable to detect significant changes in disease indicators. Individuals in this state may experience reduced vitality and various physiological discomforts.

Is being in the intermediate state of "suboptimal health" inclined towards the direction of "disease," or is it moving towards the path of "health"?

When it comes to being in a state of "suboptimal health," we hope you can transition from passive health management (only seeking medical attention when sick) to proactive health management (making efforts to enhance your well-being in daily life). Don't wait until a disease is diagnosed to feel regret or unease. Through testing, analysis, and integrating your health assessment, we aim to understand your condition, routines, and diet to have discussions with you. This way, you can be aware of your current state and learn how to adjust your lifestyle and healthcare practices.

The roots of chronic diseases and "suboptimal health" are mostly connected to lifestyle choices, including aspects like dietary nutrition, sleep, physical activity, stress, and emotional well-being.

The key is that the diseases caused by these lifestyle factors shouldn't be assumed to be immediately resolved by seeing a doctor. Medical professionals can provide assistance and necessary medical treatment, but if you truly wish to start moving towards health from this moment or avoid further deterioration, it's essential to begin with the willingness to change.

The high demands and pressures of life have already taken a toll on your health, and I believe you're well aware of it. However, due to the necessities of life, making changes seems challenging, and maybe you don't know where to start and it may not be clear.

This is precisely why the formation of knowledge for health management professionals needs to span across various domains. we need to be experts in many areas to help you.     You can click: About Us for more information.

Health management professionals are more than just a profession; we are essential figures who accompany individuals on their journey from a state of suboptimal health towards holistic well-being (emotional, physical, familial, interpersonal, etc.).  

Have we paid attention to the signals our body is giving us, or have we ignored them? 

Ranking of sub-health symptoms

NO1.Lower back pain, muscle weakness, joint pain   25.5%

NO2.Headache, dizziness  22.4%

NO3.Fatigue, lack of energy  14.9%

NO4.Gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea  13.8%

NO5.Chest tightness, palpitations  10.7%

NO6.Poor sleep quality, difficulty falling asleep, vivid dreams, insomnia   8.2%

NO7.Allergies, rhinitis, itchy skin, cough 7.1%

NO8.Anxiety, poor memory, lack of concentration, moodiness  3.8%

Source: KingNet National Internet Medicine

AI Precision Health Management

Artificial intelligence technology is not only applied to disease treatment, but also becomes an important tool in personal healthcare. Your health steward will let you fully understand your health status through data analysis.

These classified data are not only used for accurate and scientific physical condition management, but also important indicators for health assessment. These are things your school teachers didn't teach you, but your health manager is here to tell you.