What is Fascia?

Fascia, as the name suggests, is an elastic composite membrane (connective tissue) within the human body. It spans from superficial to deep layers throughout the entire body, covering muscles, nerves, blood vessels, organs, the skull, and the brain.

Conventional massages often struggle to achieve repair due to the multiple layers of connective tissue enveloping the muscles. The force applied during massages tends to remain on the skin's surface and fascia is not easily palpable. Therefore, typical masseurs find it challenging to target the fascia.

Deep tissue manipulation involves applying pressure deep into the muscular connective tissue, focusing on muscles, fascia, tendons, and other areas. This helps soften and separate excessively tense or adhered tissues, addressing soreness and alleviating pain.

Does myofascial manipulation cause pain?

Our approach to myofascial adjustment utilizes scientific methods to release and loosen fascia. Based on human skeletal muscle mechanics, our gentle and precise manipulation techniques avoid sudden and forceful movements, preventing the sensation of tightness and fear in those undergoing the manipulation. 

Not suitable for: pregnant women, people with fever, acute infection, people with pacemaker.

If you are unsure, please consult a health manager first.